Fitness Coaching

For runners and non-runners alike that want to elevate their fitness.

Perfect for those who want to raise your next race performance or simply jumpstart your fitness and wellness.

Learn how to blend the best practices of yoga, strength, nutrition, and cardio training together in this personalized, comprehensive, highly supportive, and “life-style focused” program.

A NEW integrated approach to running!

Are you ready to take the next step?

Fall in love with running again (or maybe for the first time) by trying something new. Take a modern, sustainable, female friendly approach where nutrition, mobility + yoga, strength, mindset, and REST are equally important as training.

Customized training plans and daily workouts

Weekly coaching sessions and love fests

Personalized fitness videos

Accountability, form analysis, and progress monitoring

Lauren has been an amazing coach over the years. 

First, teaching me that I love speed and how to go all out at the track during group workout…

Second, coaching me on how to run smart and race plan through 2 marathons…

Most recently, helping me build strength again after several injuries and set backs, developing my confidence, and supporting me not only back to running but through the ups and downs of life… She is a gem.

Elizabeth C.

“When I first started training with Lauren the thought of running made me anxious. I have two significant injuries and was told I would never run again. However, in order to continue in my dream job I had to be able to run. Lauren eased my nerves and worked with me and my injuries to help me get back to running.

After almost a year of training I passed all my physical tests and have exceeded the standards and my own goals. She was supportive and pushed me to be my best, both physically and mentally. Running can be uncomfortable for those that are not runners but Lauren made me feel comfortable and actually enjoy running! I am so grateful for her and all that she has taught me, not only about running but about myself as well!”

Jenna M.

“I have worked with Lauren as a yoga instructor and a running coach and I can honestly say she is the BEST. I love the way she approaches fitness as overall wellness and emphasizes the importance of balancing and strengthening our bodies to perform at our best.

Working with Lauren has been the highlight of the last 6 months for me! Along the way she has helped me build my confidence and find my old self again. Lauren does an excellent job helping you progress at your own pace.”

Kathy B.

Ready to get more out of your running?

Time to take a smarter, more realistic, integrated approach to your workouts that eliminates the guesswork and gives busy women the biggest return on investment.

Eat Well

Nutrition Packages (for runners and non-runners)

Run Long

Run Packages

run club

Offering the LL Health running community a place to support one another, share resources, coordinate runs/races, and of course learn more about how to make your spring running goals a reality!

Breathe Easy

Yoga & Mindset Packages (for runners and non-runners)


It blends both body and mind techniques into an integrated, “life-style” focused regimen, weaving mindset and nutrition counseling and strengthening/ mobility programs with traditional training techniques. The result — better and more enjoyable workouts for you!

Yes,  I offer regular virtual run challenges that offer personalized coaching, accountability, education, and motivation. Check out my social media handles for upcoming challenges. 

Each session is a personalized phone call that meets you right where you are in the process and builds upon itself each week. The coaching style is extremely supportive and positive, and allows for flexibility and gentleness while still generating great results. 

Absolutely, I see many clients that never intended to pursue running but enjoy my holistic approach to movement that not only takes into consideration lifestyle, but offers nutrition and mindset counseling as well as other movement programs such as yoga, mobility, strength and more. 

Then now is the PERFECT time to start planning and developing how to keep you out of the doctor’s office in the future. Building upon the exercises you received from your PT or other healing modality specialist, we will take those best practices and build them into personalized warmup, mobility or other movement sessions.  I will help you return to running slowly and safely so you are back for good!

I am currently designing a library of audio coaching workouts and yoga classes that I will put out as a virtual package soon. For now, I will be offering live classes in Boston. Check my social media pages for updates. 

Currently I am only teaching at my home, doing private classes and groups. I have an expansive yard surrounded by Hale Reservation and open court for yogis to enjoy nature and flat ground. Check my social media page for updates, upcoming class series or contact me directly to set up a private session.