Groundhog Day is a BIG day in our house. Not only do we love Bill Murray’s movie with the same name but it is Abby’s Birthday!!! 

For most folks though the holiday is usually overlooked (much to Abby’s dismay – I mean how many of you actually know the date of this holiday?), dread it for fear that it means 6 more weeks of winter, or view it synonymously with the movie’s comical yet eerily relatable notion of re-living the same day over and over again.

I think we can all can fall into that trap. The same old same old. Same meal, same parking spot, same running route, same excuses, same routine just another day.

So while consistently is a key component to healthy living, so is variety. 

Let’s just look at this theory through the lens of food. I’ve found that once clients find one breakfast that they like, has the correct macros, is easy to eat/prep/or transport to the office etc., that becomes breakfast  EVERYDAY!! Problem with that is each food has its own nutritional makeup – some have more nutrients than others but all have different ones. 

In fact, (side note here) that is why they say to eat the rainbow (and I don’t think they meant food dyed Skittles)!! Each color made by nature has its own unique makeup of vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals and such. Overtime, if you only eat one color food, call it orange because it’s good for your eyes, you eyes might be fine but you have big holes in your overall nutrition that might leave you depleted and in suboptimal health. Be honest, who is going to count how many colors are on the plate at dinner? 

We can convert this thinking to exercise too. Doing the same thing everyday is not a good long term goal. At some point running the same route stops being productive (and depending on what the route is counterproductive). You are missing out on other ways to move your body, improve your fitness and certainly overall health by only doing one form of exercise, one style of class, one route, one movement.

This month I challenge you to change things up a bit. Run a different route, change the order you do things, take a different class at the gym and heck if you are really feeling  crazy go to a different spot in that group fitness class (that is not YOUR bike or treadmill you know!!) 

Again, consistency is not the problem. The fact you eat breakfast everyday is great or the fact that you even workout is something to celebrate. But my guess is that you are not doing those things to just be mediocre- you are doing them to feel, look, and do your best. So if you can do things (simple things) to change it up and feel even better, I say why not??? This month I am challenging you to change things up and I have some suggestions on how in my latest newsletter!

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