Client Love

“When I first started training with Lauren the thought of running made me anxious. I have two significant injuries and was told I would never run again. However, in order to continue in my dream job I had to be able to run. Lauren eased my nerves and worked with me and my injuries to help me get back to running.

After almost a year of training I passed all my physical tests and have exceeded the standards and my own goals. She was supportive and pushed me to be my best, both physically and mentally. Running can be uncomfortable for those that are not runners but Lauren made me feel comfortable and actually enjoy running! I am so grateful for her and all that she has taught me, not only about running but about myself as well!”

Jenna M.

“Lauren has been an amazing coach over the years.

First, teaching me that I love speed and how to go all out at the track during group workout…

Second, coaching me on how to run smart and race plan through 2 marathons…

Most recently, helping me build strength again after several injuries and set backs, developing my confidence, and supporting me not only back to running but through the ups and downs of life… She is a gem.”

Elizabeth C.

“I have worked with Lauren as a yoga instructor and a running coach and I can honestly say she is the BEST. I love the way she approaches fitness as overall wellness and emphasizes the importance of balancing and strengthening our bodies to perform at our best.

Working with Lauren has been the highlight of the last 6 months for me! Along the way she has helped me build my confidence and find my old self again. Lauren does an excellent job helping you progress at your own pace.”

Kathy B.

“I want to thank you for guiding me to successfully run again. After I recovered from my injury I had failed multiple attempts on my own to train for a 5K. Through the personalized yoga/running plan that you developed for me I have been able to meet and exceed my initial goal now running 4 miles. I feel more flexible, less stiff, my balance has improved, I have more stamina running and enjoy more energy in my life in general!  Signing up for your program was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.”

Joan C.

I have always liked the challenge of distance running, but as I hit my 40’s, races left me feeling beat up. I reached out to Lauren and she helped me step back and define my true goals.

For me, races are not about achieving a certain pace. I run as a form of self-care to relieve stress and carve time for myself in my busy schedule. Based on my new goals, Lauren created and encouraged me through a training plan worked with my schedule and incorporated mobility.

With Lauren‘s help, I completed two virtual half marathons during the pandemic. Lauren’s knowledge of both proper running technique and yoga are going to keep me running for many years to come. I cannot recommend her training programs enough!

Tammy M.

Eat Well

Learn how to fuel your body inside and out through food and other primary needs (some of which might surprise you).

Run Long

Keep moving forward with your running goals and beyond by taking a female-focused, integrated, sustainable approach to running.

Breathe Easy

Learn to take equal stock in the rest, prevention, reflection and mental strength as you do with the training.