So nice to meet you!

I’m Coach Lauren or Coach LL
as most call me!

I’m the heart, soul, and running shoes behind this holistic health & fitness business.

I live and run outside of Boston with my husband, 3 active kids, and a very lazy old black lab. I am a seasoned runner and certified running coach who is obsessed with helping women use running as a way to revamp her health and kick start her life.

Running has been a guiding light for me mentally, physically, and socially for the past 30 years and I want nothing else than to share the gift of running with EVERYONE no matter their ability, pace, athletic experience, age or size. 

That being said, I do things a little differently around here.  I believe in a holistic model of training and living that elevates your life, not just your running. It is a non-traditional way of looking at running that centers around longevity and overall health versus miles and PR’s.

I believe that running will enhance your life, and provide you with MORE vitality and overall wellness. When you learn to embrace running as a lifestyle, it starts to impact what you eat, how you talk to yourself, and whether you expend your energy in a way that enhances your life or takes away from it. 

While I specialize in designing individualized comprehensive running plans that capitalize on smart training tactics, mental fortitude, nutrition, and mobility work,  I also love to harness the energy of a group of runners. Therefore, I offer a run club that welcomes all types of runners and provides a coaching style that is positive and encouraging while still pushing you to get outside your comfort zone. 

If you are ready to elevate your running (and your life) then join me!

Eat Well

Run Long

Breathe Easy

fast facts

Have you ever wondered...

If you could be a runner? If you could take that next step with your wellness and running? If you could revamp your life simply through changing the way you think and approach your workouts? Could elevating your running elevate your life?

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